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London, UK 66.9K Followers

Data of Brand Ambassador:

Present location: (city, country) London, UK
Age: 27 (in 2019)
Languages: English,urdu, hindi, punjabi
Native language: urdu
Instagram account: 66.9K Followers
Twitter account: 3.1K Followers
Facebook: 7.9K Followers
Short intro/bio: Former news presenter in Pakistan
Hobbies: knitting, painting, food, interior, makeup
Main categories of Instagram: fashion, travel, food, lifestyle
Categories: beauty, fashion, home, travel, lifestyle, food

Her introduction:
I am a blogger with 66.9k instagram followers, 3.1k twitter and 7.9k on my Facebook profile.
I have worked as a news presenter and journalist, thus have a huge following.'

Why did we choose her?
We chose her because she is intelligent (University graduate- Lahore), speaks more languages, and has many-many faces: natural, girl, diva, beauty queen, etc. and on all her photos she is beautiful. She is a former TV News presenter and media personality.

She wants to promote your business. Contact:; skype: byaslondon (These are our contact, not her)

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Terez Szalontai
skype: byaslondon