London, UK 66.9K Followers

October 26, 2019 Terez Szalontai
Data of Brand Ambassador:

Present location: (city, country) London, UK
Age: 27 (in 2019)
Languages: English,urdu, hindi, punjabi
Native language: urdu
Instagram account: 66.9K Followers
Twitter account: 3.1K Followers
Facebook: 7.9K Followers
Short intro/bio: Former news presenter in Pakistan
Hobbies: knitting, painting, food, interior, makeup
Main categories of Instagram: fashion, travel, food, lifestyle
Categories: beauty, fashion, home, travel, lifestyle, food

Her introduction:
I am a blogger with 66.9k instagram followers, 3.1k twitter and 7.9k on my Facebook profile.
I have worked as a news presenter and journalist, thus have a huge following.'

Why did we choose her?
We chose her because she is intelligent (University graduate- Lahore), speaks more languages, and has many-many faces: natural, girl, diva, beauty queen, etc. and on all her photos she is beautiful. She is a former TV News presenter and media personality.

She wants to promote your business. Contact:; skype: byaslondon (These are our contact, not her)

Bangalore, India 12.9K Followers

October 18, 2019 Terez Szalontai
Our influencer is a young girl from Bangalore, India. She has already worked with 20 brands, and can promote anything. (watch, cloth, fashion, beauty, etc.) She is kind and very motivated, easy to work with. We chose her because she represents a happy Indian woman with her original style.

If you are interested in working with her contact us:
skype: byaslondon (it is not her skype, but our agency's skype)

Barcelona, Spain 600K followers

October 16, 2019 Terez Szalontai

Our influencer is a young boy from Barcelona, Spain.
He is interested in sport, football and waterpolo.

His data:
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Categories: sport, football, memes, marketing, urban, fashion (young male)
Languages: Spanish
He speaks English.

He has 3 Instagram:
1.) memes in Spanish 600K followers
2.) his personal profile 80K followers
3.) his marketing profile: 20K followers
all on Instagram.

He has detaild statistics of his followers (age, interest, engagement, location, etc.) in Spanish and also in English.

We chose him because he is very motivated, determined and communicative. He really wants to work, he can speak very good English and native Spanish. He is enthusiastic and ready to develop and improve. 


Boston, MA 10.3K followers

October 12, 2019 Terez Szalontai
Data of our Brand Ambassador from Boston:

Age: 17 (in 2019)
Height: 5'2" / 157cm
115lbs / 52kg

Location: Boston, MA, USA
Job: Student
Interest: dancing, acting
Followers: 10.3K Instagram
Gender: female
Contact: Click here
All contact data are our contacts, not her direct contact.

Full natural young beauty girl who has many faces and roles, like: classical, sporty, loves animals, children, urban with teenage friends, nature, all location, all position fits her very well. We chose her because she has a good family background, a nice and happy life with her friends and family and she has so many faces, styles that she can adapt.

Categories: fashion, sport, classical, outdoor, nature, sport, animal, family, etc.
She wants to represent your brand! Contact us now! Click here

Terez Szalontai Hungary CEO and owner

October 07, 2019 Terez Szalontai
Name: Terez Szalontai
Location: Hungary, Europe
Job: CEO Online Education Ltd. Hungary
Languages: Hungarian, English
Interest: business, online marketing, webinars, real estate
Hobbies: cycling, swimming, taking photos, websites, coaching
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Facebook: Click here
Facebook group: Business Shower
Skype: byaslondon
Whatsapp: if you become my business partner or client I give you my whatsapp and phone number.
I also use ToTok, BOTIM and Zoom for video and group calls.


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