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Barcelona, Spain 600K followers


Our influencer is a young boy from Barcelona, Spain.
He is interested in sport, football and waterpolo.

His data:
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Categories: sport, football, memes, marketing, urban, fashion (young male)
Languages: Spanish
He speaks English.

He has 3 Instagram:
1.) memes in Spanish 600K followers
2.) his personal profile 80K followers
3.) his marketing profile: 20K followers
all on Instagram.

He has detaild statistics of his followers (age, interest, engagement, location, etc.) in Spanish and also in English.

We chose him because he is very motivated, determined and communicative. He really wants to work, he can speak very good English and native Spanish. He is enthusiastic and ready to develop and improve. 


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Terez Szalontai
skype: byaslondon